WESTGLEN FRONT COVERWalk up the seven front steps of Westglen School and relive seventy-five years of Edmonton’s history. When it opened in 1940, the school’s sleek, modern architecture stood in stark contrast against the backdrop of the Second World War. Since that time, thousands have filled its halls to learn, to teach, to fall in and out of love, to make rules and to break them. Westglen School shaped those people’s lives, and in turn, they gave the school a life of its own. Those who passed through Westglen are also the ones who built it, who crafted it from war stamps, first dates, final exams, athletic victories, and schoolyard games. Westglen School has grown up with its students, and with its city. It has been a high school, a junior high, and an elementary. It has weathered overpopulation, under-enrollment, and the threat of closure. Now, generations later, its ivory stucco holds a lifetime of stories waiting to be told.